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Parshas Vayeitzei: Rav Eliyahu Dessler - How Did Yaakov Fly Back To Eretz Yisroel?
Rashi says (Vayeitzei 28:17) that when Yaakov arrived in Charan he said to himself, is it possible that I passed the place where my fathers davened, and I didn't daven there?   He decided to return there and he had Kefitzas HaDerech.  How did this Kefitzas Haderech work, did onlookers see Yaakov whooshing by in the air?

The Mishulchan Gavoa brings from Rav Eliyahu Dessler that there are two types of nissim.  One is where Hashem breaks the rules of nature.  This is exemplified by Krias Yam Suf where the water split.  The second type is a nes that is above nature and no nature breaking phenomenon is required.  An example of this is Moshe Rabbeinu living in Shamayim for 40 days without food or sleep.  No miracle happened and no food was flown to Shamayim for him.  He existed beyond nature whose laws no longer ruled over him. This occurs when a person himself becomes totally spiritual and sheds every vestige of physicality.

When Yaakov Avinu decided he needs to Daven at the place where his fathers daven, he became so totally Davuk in the Tefila that he vaulted beyond nature.  In his spiritually exalted state there were no distance that needed to be spanned.  He was beyond any physical boundaries.  He simply and suddenly found himself standing in the place of his Tefila without a need for any miraculous air or land travel whatsoever.