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The Chida - A Wedding Disaster, Big Appetite With Nothing To Eat
A poor man lived next to a rich man whose son got engaged to another distinguished member of the community.  When the time came, invitations went out to all the friends of the Baalei Simcha and the poor man excitedly waited for the invitation to his neighbor's wedding.  He was so excited about the lavish meal that he would eat, that the day of the wedding he decided to forgo his meager rations so that he would be able to eat with a hearty appetite.

However as the morning turned into afternoon his invitation still hadn't arrived.  Now he was starving and not even sure that he was being invited.  Finally hunger and grief overcame him and he decided to eat his daily bread and water rather than pass out from hunger waiting for an invitation that didn't seem forthcoming.

As soon as he finished eating with ravenous hunger, there was a knock on the door and a messenger came to invite him to the wedding.  By now his stomach was stuffed but he decided that since he wanted to enjoy the meal, he would force himself to vomit the food he ate to make room for the real food.

As soon as he arrived at the wedding hall his rich neighbor said to him, thank you so much I am glad you came.  I need someone to stand by my home to watch it during the chasuna.  The poor man's face turned pale, as now he was left embarrassed and starving without even any bread and water to eat.

The moral of the story, says the Chida, is that Hashem runs the world and gives luxuries to the rich and barely enough to get by to the poor.  If a person tries, by force, to change his status, not only will he not reach his goal, but he will lose the little that he had.