Section:  Avodah   Category: Olam HaTorah
A Wild Meeting Between Rav Chaim Oizer & A Budding Future Gadol HaDor
There was a closed meeting between the Gedolei Yisroel, headed by the Gadol HaDor Rav Chaim Oizer Grodzinsky.  Shock and confusion permeated in the room when all of a sudden the door bursts open.  A young man, marches right up to Reb Chaim Oizer, grabs on to his clothing holding on as if for his dear life.  He exchanged a few shouts with Rav Chaim Oizer.  The Rabbis got up to stop this apparently brazen young man shouting at Rabbi chaim Oizer, but he motioned to them to leave him alone.  When this young man was satisfied with the Rabbi's answer he marched right out as if nothing out of the ordinary ever took place.  

When Reb Chaim Oizer saw the hurt and shock written all over their faces, he explained; this young man is such a pure soul immersed in torah to such an extent that it's his blood life and oxygen and he has absolutely no idea what's going on around him. When he comes across a difficulty and can't understand what the gemara is saying he chokes up as if trying to catch his breath.  Hence, this young man doesn't have the slightest idea that there is a meeting taking place now in this room. Nor does he know for that matter that there's a whole room filled with the most distinguish Rabbis in session. When I finally answered his question to his satisfaction it was as if he caught his breath and he was able to function again.

When the Stoliner Rebbe, who was present at meeting heard that, he told Reb Chaim Oizer, a Torah scholar that has such a burning desire for dvar Hashem, I want him as Rosh Yeshiva of my yeshiva. Hence the first official position of the Gadol who was later to become the Gadol HaDor Rav Elazar Menachem Shach zt"l, was as Rosh Yeshiva of Karlin Stolin.

Thank you to our partner HaRav Mordechai S. Bald, Rav of L'viv-Lemberg, Ukraine who submitted this story!