Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Quick Vort
Parshas Noach: Noach's Comeback To The Raven
Noach sent the Oreiv out of the Teivah to see if the land had dried. The Oreiv refused to go and circled the Teivah before coming back in.  The gemara in Sanhedrin (108b) says that the Oreiv made a valid argument to Noach.  There were 7 pairs of the kosher birds and only one set of Oreiv.  Why do you send me unless you hate me?  If I die there will be no more ravens ever again.  Then he accused Noach of being interested in his wife.

Noach replied "Rasha, during our time in the teivah I did not have relations with my own wife, why would I be interested in your wife who is forbidden to me?"  Although the gemara calls the Oreiv's argument a winning argument, the Maharsha explains Noach's answer to the Oreiv.  The gemara says a few lines later that Hashem commanded everyone in the Teivah not to have relations with their spouses.  Everyone complied except for three, the dog, the Oreiv, and Cham.

Noach told the Oreiv you accuse me of hating you and sending you on a suicide mission to wipe out your species?  You are wrong!  You are a Rasha and you had relations with your wife.  Since she is pregnant the ravens continued existence is guaranteed even if you die.  Therefore you are the most expendable creature in the Teivah and we are sending you on this mission.