Section: Daas Torah   Category: Rav Shimshon
Rav Shimshon Pincus - Don't Forget To Cash In Your Petek
Our wonderful year full of parnassah, health, and nachas from the kids has been signed and sealed. Succos is over. What do we do now, sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in? That would be a colossal mistake, says Rav Shimshon Pincus. Your good year is given as a coupon. It is the famous "Petek" from Hoshana Rabba. You now need to go to one of the distribution centers to cash it in. Where are those centers? Is there a listing by city or country?It is your local Shul.

Just like all the trees and vegetation were created during the six days of creation yet they waited below ground and did not sprout until Adam davened to Hashem ,so to the abundance of Shefa waiting for us in Shamayim will not come down until we call up to Hashem and ask for it.

Every millions upon millions of dollars, good health and lots of nachas are left with the master treasurer in Heaven simply because the people with the winning numbers didn't bother to pick it up. This year make sure that you are not one of them.