Section: Halacha   Category: Food
Succos - Teletransportation of Brachos

The rules pertaining to brachos and Shinu Makom (change of location) are very complex and contain many exceptions. The general rule is that when one makes a bracha on some food in his house and, while he is still in the middle of eating his food, but before making a bracha achrona, he exits his house, his bracha rishona is considered to be terminated, and when he returns home, he would be required to make a new bracha if he wants to continue eating.  If however, he makes a bracha in one room and, while he is in the middle of eating, he goes to another room in the same house, the rules are a little more lenient and under certain circumstances, he may not need to make a new bracha upon reentering the original room nor would he have to make a new bracha if he continued eating in the new room. (These halachos generally do not apply to mezonos and hamotzei products.)

R Bodner in his sefer on brachos points out that this halacha is very important to keep in mind on Succos. A succah which is connected to ones house (e.g. the succah and house share a wall) would not create a shinu makom and would be considered to be two rooms in the same building and therefore going from the succah to house or vice versa while eating would not terminate a bracha. However, if a succah is freestanding, and there is even a small space in between the succah and the house, then going from ones house to his succah or vice versa would be considered a shinu makom and a new bracha rishona would be required to continue eating.