Section:  Avodah   Category: Perek Shira
Perek Shira: The Dog and Man - Who is Loyal To Who?

Ask your dog to retrieve something and it will rush to return it to you and then lick your feet waiting for his next opportunity to serve you. An intruder on your premises? Your dog will bark madly for him to leave. The Knaf Renanim says that while other animals like horses, donkeys, camels, and cattle show "Hakoras Hatov", that is only while they are receiving your kindness but it doesn't last beyond that. A dog will always be faithful, even after the death of its owner. Kelev he says is an acronym for "Kulo Lev", all heart.

And for what? For the few scraps of dry bones you throw his way. Where does that leave us? Hashem provides for us everything from a to z 24/7 with the utmost forethought and kindness beyond our comprehension. What kind of Hakoras Hatov do we need to show? We need to do more than throw Hashem a few dry bones or watered down mitzvos.

The dog's behavior is a lesson to all of us on the how to have Hakoras Hatov. When we hear the dog say "Boi'u Nishtachaveh V'Nicre'ah", let us go bow down to our master, we need to respond, "Nivrecha Lifnei Hashem Oseinu", we should have that gratitude to our Father our King in heaven and perform His commandments with enthusiasm!