Section:  Avodah   Category: Chanoch L'Naar
The People Of Brisk Wait For The Rov To Start Kol Nidrei
One Yom Kippur as the people of Brisk waited to start the Holy Tefila of Kol Nidrei, the Rov, Rav Binyomin Diskin the father of Reb Yehoshua Leib Diskin, was still not in Shul.  This was very strange considering Rav Binyomin's timeliness and his deep consideration for not causing Tircha D'Tzibura.

The Gabbai was quickly dispatched to the Rov's house to see what was causing the delay.  Upon entering the house, the Gabbai was astonished to find Rav Binyomin sitting over a Mishnayos learning with his young son.  "Moreinu V'Rabbeinu", said the Gabbai, "The whole tzibbur is waiting for the Rov to start Kol Nidrei and he is sitting and learning Mishnayos with his little child?!?"

Rav Binyomin burst our crying and he said, "I made a Cheshbon HaNefesh for Yom HaDin and realized that I need many zechusim to be acquitted in my Din.  I searched for a great mitzva powerful enough to tip the scales all by itself and I could not find a better mitzva that sitting and learning with my young child."

Gmar Chasima Tova!