Section:  Avodah   Category: Olam HaTorah
The Ponevezher Rov Teaches The Children How To Remember Their Name On Yom HaDin
One time when the Ponevezher Rov, Rav Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman, came to visit the children of the orphanage, as they all gathered around him he asked them if they know why we say a pasuk with the first and last letter of our name at the end of Shmoneh Esrei.  One child raised his hand and answered that the Shela HaKadosh says it will help us remember our name, when they ask us at our Yom HaDin in Shamayim.

The Ponevezher Rov nodded his agreement and asked another question.  If our friends and teachers call us tens of times a day by our name and we still won't remember it while standing in awe and fear at our Yom HaDin, how can we expect to remember it because of a Pasuk that we say only three times a day? 

This the children could not answer.  "Listen carefully", said the Ponevezher Rov.  The fear of standing at Yom HaDin is so great that we will forget everything, even our own name.  The only thing w will remember are the things etched in our hearts and minds for eternity, and that is only Torah.  Even the pasukim that we say at the end of Shmoneh Esrei is Torah.  That will remain with us even during the mind blowing ordeal of Yom HaDin. 

During our lifetime when preparing for our Yom HaDin we should make sure to fill up our bags with things that will remain with us, such as Torah, even in the minutest pieces.  Everything else will not survive the journey no matter how tightly we hold on to it, even our own name.