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Rav Elchonon Wasserman: Let Hashem Put It In Writing
At an engagement celebration the father of the Kallah was asked to put into writing the financial commitment that he promised to the young couple.  He did not want to do so saying that they should take his word for it since he was a very dedicated father who always watched out for his children.

Rav Elchonon Wasserman who was present at the time, immediately answered the Mechutan's claim based on the Tefila we say in Shmoneh Esrei during Aseres Yimei Tshuva.  Zachreinu L'Chaim Melech Chafeitz BaChaim V'Chasveinu B'Sefer HaChaim.  We have already asked Hashem to remember us for life, why do we them say to inscribe us in the book of life?  Hashem does not forget and is equally devoted to His dear children, nevertheless we ask to have it in writing.

From here we see, says Rav Elchonon, that as honorable a person may be... always get it in writing!  (Chaim SheYesh Bahem)