Section:  Avodah   Category: Ahavas Yisroel
Tzedaka Tatzil MiMaves
Oh how we all wish we were had enough money to solve the world's problems.  We learn from our grandfather Avrohom Avinu that a person's mission in this world is to give and give some more.  We look at all the big givers and dream that we had control over those amounts of money.  The zechusim!  The satisfaction!  Why does Hashem not funnel his earnings through our trusty hands?  Rosh HaShana approaches and we are looking for zechusim to bring to court with us.  If only we had some hefty receipts and pictures of smiling orphans that we can show the judge.  Oh how fortunate we would be!

Rav Shimshon Pincus tells a beautiful Mashal about our job in this world.  He often described how a Roman official was taken on a tour of the Bais HaMikdash and was incredibly impressed with everything he saw.  Until... he got to the Mizbei'ach.  He was explained that a fire comes down from Shamayim that constantly burns on the Mizbei'ach.  Then why, asked the minister, do the Kohanim bother putting wood on the Mizbei'ach if Hashem has the situation under control.  Is that not unbelievably arrogant?  That an all powerful Hashem extends a partnership agreement to a mere mortal, was a concept that he could simply not fathom.

Hashem is a locomotive moving the world down its tracks, says Rav Pincus.  We are like a fly who lands on the back car of the train and push with all our might.  Are we the one making the train with its tons of cargo rumble towards its destination?  Of course not!  Nevertheless Hashem says you stand on the back car and push.  Push with all your might and I will consider you My partner!  Indeed very hard to understand.

In Hashem's eyes the difference between a rich man donating an entire building to a Yeshiva and a poor man parting with a few dollars is negligible.  Could a strong fly brag to a weak fly that he has pushed the locomotive far more than him?  Hashem runs the world and decides which money is going where and we are all flies vying for the honor to help Him "push".  Hashem needs no one's help.  He needs us little flies to stand on the back and give it our all.  The work and sweat pushing with all our might.  That is all that counts.

Life is all about giving, say the Baalei Mussar.  In this world we view money as the most prized possession so giving it is the ultimate giving in our eyes.  But that is just a big misconception.  Opportunities to give money come around very infrequently compared to the amount of giving we can do on a daily basis.  If we spend our lives wisely it can be a non-stop "give-fest".  You can give sympathy to those in pain.  You can give a listening ear to those who need to be heard.  You can give attention to the neglected.  You can give encouragement to those who are down.  You can give a smile to your neighbor or to the unappreciated checkout clerk.  You can bother to say hello to the nameless man you pass every day.  You can give some of your thought to the problems of others.  The Tomer Devorah devotes an entire Perek to explaining how we can do Chesed with Hashem.

There is so much more to giving than writing a check.  You can start from the moment you wake up, with a smile to your spouse (or even before that to a screaming child), until you go to sleep with a bedtime story for your child.  Tzedaka Tatzil MiMaves.  Why?  Because moment of taking is not a moment worth living.  You can take when you are dead too.  But giving can only be done by someone very much alive.  A moment of giving is moment of life.

May we all be zocheh to be written in the book of life this Rosh HaShanah.  The book of real life!