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Traveling A Long Way For A Nearby Treasure
Rav Simcha Bunim M'Peshischa the Rebbe of Rav Menachem Mendel of Kotzk, told a story about a Yid named Reb Eizek.  One night Reb Eizek had a dream that he should travel to Prague.  upon his arrival he should dig under the bridge leading to the castle and there he will find a treasure.  The next morning without delay Reb Eizek set off on the long journey to Prague.  To his dismay when he got to the bridge he saw it was heavily guarded by the King's soldiers.

He couldn't believe his dream sent him all this way to dig in an area that he could never even get near.  He circled the site all day lost in deep thought.  That night he rented a room in a Hotel and the next day again he walked around the sight in a state of despair.  After doing this for a number of days, the captain of the force became curious about the sad Jew who keeps circling all day.  He decided to approach him to ask him what he is doing.

"Who are you waiting for and what are you doing", asked the captain?  R. Eizek poured out his heart and told his story to the captain.  The captain burst out laughing.  "How can you be so silly to come all the way to Prague because of a dream?"  The captain further told him that he himself had a dream that in Cracow under the oven of a Jew named Reb Eizek, there was a buried treasure.  "Do you think I am traveling to Cracow because of this silly dream?"  Without another word, Reb Eizek excitedly hurried home and started digging.  He found the hidden treasure buried under the stove just like the captain told him.  From his newly found fortune he built a Shul that stands until today and is called by his name.

Rav Bunim said the lesson we learn from here is that when we run to see a tzaddik we do not go to find a treasure buried by the tzaddik.  We go to learn the secret of how we to find the treasure buried right there beneath our own feet.  Armed with this secret, we just need to take out the shovel and start digging!  (Chaim SheYesh Bahem - Parshas Nitzavim)