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Parshas Ki Savo: Rav Eliezer Shulovitz - Trial With Change Of Scenery
The tochacha comes, says the Torah (Ki Savo 28:47), "Tachas Asher Lo Avadita Es Hashem ELokecha B'Simcha UBiTuv Lev Leivav Meirov Kol".  This simply means that all the horrible punishments of the tochacha befall us even if we did all the mitzvos, but not with joy.  The Mefarshim all scramble to explain the justification for such severe punishment despite the fact that we have been faithful Jews and did not abandon the Torah.

The Pninim MiShulchan Gagoa brings from Rosh Yeshiva of Lomza Rav Eliezer Shulovitz zt"l offers a unique approach to this question.  The Mishna in Pirkei Avos (4:9) says that if someone is Mivatel the Torah while he is rich, he will eventually be Mivatel the Torah from poverty.  Hashem says that I have bestowed upon you all the good, and you did not keep the Torah, so now I will take it away to see if you will then keep the Torah.

This is the meaning of the Pasuk, says Rav Shulovitz.  B'Simcha UBiTuv Lev Leivav Meirov Kol does not mean that you didn't serve Hashem with joy and abundance.  Rather it means you did not sere Hashem when you blessed with incredible abundance, and your life was good and you were happy.  Therefore as the Mishna tells us, you will now suffer extreme poverty and  terrible pain.  Then Hashem can see if you will keep the Torah Mitoch Oni, in a totally different state of being.