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Parshas Ki Savo: Rav Chaim Kanievsky - To Be Really Good Can Be Really Strange
After we finish clearing out the Truma and Maaser for the past three years from our house we ask Hashem, "Hashkifa Mimi'on Kadshecha; Peer down from Your holy abode and see how we keep your mitzvos." (Ki Savo 26:16)   The Yerushalmi (Maaser Sheini 5) says that we see from here the enormous power of Osei Mitzva.  The word Hashkifa is always used when Hashem looks at something bad.  Yet, here our mitzvos are so powerful that even Hashkifa is good.  If so, why does the Torah use the seemingly less appropriate word Hashkifa?

Rav Chaim Kanievsky explains that Hashkifa is when you see something unusual.  In Hashem's eyes any injustice or wrongdoing is strange and unusual, therefore, the word Hashkifa is used.  Whereas, for good things, which are completely normal, the word Re'ia or Habata is used.

Here a person is saying Vidui Maasros, stating that he has kept all the mitzvos related to Maaser for the past three years.  This includes not only being careful about gross violations but even minute Halachos D'Rabanan.  If you violate any small Din like giving Maaser before Trumah you can not say the Vidui.  "This kind of strict adherence over a three year period," says Rav Chaim, "is quite unusual and exemplary for a human being, and for that Hashem peers down in amazement, with Hashkifa!"