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Shabbos Rosh Hashana - No Shofar This Year, Is It Bad For Us?
We all know the power of the Shofar to confuse the Satan at the critical moment that our fate is being determined by Hashem.  "Kol Shana She'ein Tokin Bit'chilasa Meiri'in La B'Sofa", any year that we do not blow the Shofar on Rosh HaShana we will have a bad year at the end (Rosh HaShanah 16b).  So where does that leave us this year when Rosh HaShana falls out on Shabbos and we do not blow Shofar?

The Magid Rav Shlomo Levenstein brings from the Aruch LaNer on Chumash that if you look at all the years that Rosh HaShana came out on Shabbos you will find that it is either a very good year or a very bad year, and he brings a number of examples.  Why is this, asks the Aruch LaNer?  He answers with a Mashal.

An important minister of the King was put on trial for committing a very serious crime which carried a severe penalty.  The trial looked like an open and shut case and the minister had no where to turn for help as he was disgraced and all the King's men turned against him.  He was doomed.  But all was not lost.  His wife was respected by the King and she would plead his case before the King hoping for mercy.  Sure enough she approached the King and the verdict was overturned and her husband was set free.

Shortly afterward another minister was also convicted a serious crime.  He however was not worried.  He knew what happened in the previous trial and knew that his wife who had similar standing could easily save him.  His devoted wife arranged an audience with the king and began to plead her husband's case.  As soon as she began to speak the King cut her off and asked her why she had a bruise on her forehead.  Reluctant to talk about it she saw she had know choice and told the King that her husband was responsible for it.  Enraged the King immediately ended the audience and saw to it that the man was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and he was put to death for his original crime.

When Rosh HaShanah is on Shabbos we are doomed to failure in our trial since we are lacking the keys to a good verdict the Shofar.  However since it is Shabbos, the Shabbos who is beloved by Hashem, pleads to Hashem on our behalf.  Hashem will do anything that Shabbos asks including let us off the hook and granting us the sweetest of years.  But if Hashem notices that Shabbos has been badly abused by us, not only will Shabbos not help us, it will make the King more determined to punish us for all our crimes.

Let's commit to treat Shabbos with the respect that the beloved of our King deserves.  Let's refrain from Chilul Shabbos whether in our actions or merely speaking or acting not in the spirit of Shabbos Kodesh.  if we take care of Shabbos, Shabbos will take care of us.  If not we will be left alone at our trial alone and without any horn to toot.