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Anger And Life All Mixed Together
The gemara tells us (Brachos 7a) that Hashem gets angry kviyachol, everyday for a single moment.  We know that Hashem sustains the world every second, and if He stopped for even a fraction of a section, the entire world would cease to exist.  So how does the world survive this daily moment of anger?

The Achas Shoalti explains that Hashem is not like a Basar V'Dam.  A mere mortal when angry cannot focus on anything else.  His anger is complete and he cannot bestow any good during that moment on the subject of his anger.  Not so Hashem Yisborach.  Hashem can be angry yet at the same time continue to sustain the entire world.

This is what we say in davening (Tehilim 30), "Ki Rega B'Apo Chaim Birtzono", even when Hashem has a moment of anger, still His will is to give the greatest gift of all, the gift of life.