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Parshas Ki Seitzei: The Kotzker Rebbe Was In No Rush To Send Reb Leibele Eiger Back Home
Rav Leibele Eiger the grandson of Rebbi Akiva Eiger married and lived by his father-in-law's home learning day and night.  He became part of the Shul of the Chozeh of Lublin, where he became friendly with a group of young men who traveled to Kotzk and persuaded Rav Leibele to join them.  The Kotzker Rebbe was very happy with this cherished new talmid and told the Chidushei HaRim that he would walk 400 parsa to find a talmid like this.

When his father-in-law found out that his new son-in-law was in Kotzk, he came to retrieve him but Rav Leibele didn't want to go, instead he wanted to stay and bask in the Kedusha of Kotzk.  His father-in-law went to the Rebbe to complain.  He ask the Rebbe, is this right?  The pasuk says in Ki Seitzei (24:5), "Naki Yihiyeh L'Baischa Shana Achas"  A newlywed should be free for his home one year.

The Rebbe replied, had I believed that he is so free in you house like he is here in Kotzk, I would have commanded him to go back home! (Iturei Torah)