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The Disappearing Footsteps
Every night a man has a dream that he is walking and he sees two sets of footsteps on the floor, one his own and another of someone he cannot see.  As they walk on life is grand, the weather is gorgeous, and things are beautiful on all sides.  He wakes up every morning happy, knowing that it will be great day.

Then one night he has a dream that it is stormy and cold.  Horrible sights greet him on all sides.  The world seems full of pain and suffering.  The worst part is that the other footsteps are gone and he is walking alone.  Where has his guide gone?  Why has he abandoned me in this bad situation?  Who will lead me now.  He wakes up in cold sweat scared of what awaits him.

The Dubno Magid says that this man has it all wrong.  The two footsteps when things were good were both his and Hashem's.  When things were bad, the one set of footsteps were not his alone as Hashem had left him.  Just the opposite, since things were bad Hashem carried him and held him close, knowing that he cannot handle being exposed to the difficulties going on around him.

During the good times Hashem stands at our side.  But during challenging times we do not even walk.  Hashem holds us tight in his warm embrace where we can be safe in the sea of troubles that is engulfing us.  Don't look around too much and be afraid.  Look who is holding you and enjoy the ride, its security and comfort... and do not be scared!