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Rizhiner Rebbe - A Most Embarrassing Walk Through Town
The King owed a debt of gratitude to a poor man and made him governor of one of the provinces of his kingdom.  This governor did a wonderful job thanks to the huge budget that the king alloted him, and the people absolutely adored him.  They would shower him with honor and praise at every opportunity.

One day the king wanted to check up on the province and see for himself how the governor was faring.  Since he wanted to see real everyday life, he decided to disguise himself as he and the governor walked around the city center together.   This proved to be very embarrassing for the governor as he was showered with praise and gratitude by everyone he met.  He knew that the king, standing incognito on his side, was the real source of all the good that these people received, yet he received the praise, and couldn't say anything about it.

Similarly, said the Rizhiner Rebbe, we are given many things by Hashem which we use to help other people.  It could be our wealth, advice, brains, connections, and many other gifts.  Our great king is always by our side, how dare we accept the praise as if we are the source of these talents and gifts.  If we realized this and truly felt it, we would blush in horror and vehemently deny any honor or compliment thrown our way.  Remember the real source and make sure that all honor is forwarded to the proper address.