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Hey You Up There!
A man was working late at night in a tall office building.  By time he realized how late it was the building had already been locked for the night and he needed someone to help him get out.  The one window that he found that could be opened was on a very high floor and people passing by on the street below could not hear him scream for help.  He had money in his pocket so he figured if he throws down dollar bills people would look up to see where it is coming from.

He stood there emptying his pockets throwing down a significant amount of money.  Unfortunately the people excitedly picked up the money but didn't bother looking up.  After a while he was out of money but still no one noticed.  He then decided to throw down rocks.  As soon as he threw the first rock an angry crowd looked up wanting to know who was up there and what was going on.

Hashem sends us all kinds of Bracha from Shamayim hoping to catch our attention.  Most people just pick it up and enjoy it without asking any questions or looking around to identify the source.  Hashem then says, I know how to get their attention.  Hashem throws the first rock and suddenly we are all howling and screaming.  If only we bothered looking up before!