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Parshas Pinchos: Ksav Sofer - Pinchos' Grandfather Aharon, The Professional Instigator

"Pinchos Ben Elazar Ben Aharon HaKohen Heishiv Es Chamosi Mei'al Bnei Yisroel"  Rashi explains that the Yidden were saying that his grandfather Yisro who would fatten calves for the purpose of Avodah Zara was the source of the evil power within him that drove him to kill a Nasi.  Therefore the Torah reminds us that he descended from Aharon Hakohen, It was Aharon's genes at play, not Yisro's! What sort of answer is this? How could we attribute Pinchos' violent outburst to Aharon who was famously Oheiv Shalom V'Rodeif Shalom?

Furthermore, what does it mean Aharon was a Oheiv Shalom V'Rodeif Shalom, were these two separate things? The Ksav Sofer, asks that "Rodeif Shalom" implies pursuing an enemy. Did Aharon chase peace away or did he bring be closer?

The Ksav Sofer explains that like many of the tzaddikim of previous eras, we have a very inaccurate image of who Aharon was. Aharon's love of peace was purely l'shem Shamayim. It was a tool to serve Hashem and not the product of a soft personality. When the situation called for it, Aharon would actually chase peace away and ignite a feud among people. Aharon Hakohen did not just "love peace". He understood what a powerful precious tool it is, to be preserved and encouraged between good people, Oheiv Shalom, while at the same time driving it out, Rodeif Shalom, from among the evil members of society.

We know how he went about telling "stories" to warring parties about how badly the other side wanted to make peace and thus result in new-found harmony. This was done between good people, who would utilize their unity to further their Avodas Hashem. Similarly, when he saw evil people teaming up and being friendly, a recipe for unthinkable harm to themselves and everyone around them, he would use the same tactic to sew seeds of discord by telling one side what the other really thinks about them and what they have been saying about them behind their backs, and then do the same with the other side. This would ensure a speedy end of their relationship and everyone would be saved from their evil plots.

Pinchos' actions can now be fully appreciated as a continuation of Aharon's way of life. He used every means at his disposal to drive away and destroy evil actions and influences, in order to re-instate true peace between Hakadosh Boruch Hu and His chosen People.

Special thanks to our dear friend "RS" in Gateshead, England for sharing this with us.