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The Avnei Nezer Takes Worrying To A New Level
The Avnei Nezer, Rav Avrohom Borenstein, was married to the daughter of the Kotzker Rebbe.  They lived in dire poverty, yet he never seemed to be concerned with his plight.  One day his frustrated wife asked him, "tell me why is it that our poverty does not concern you at all?"

The Avnei Nezer answered, "I worry as much as everyone else but there is a big difference.  Your great father took me as a son-in-law because of my brilliant mind.  What takes others an entire day to think about, I can think through in a few moments.  So while other poor people spend their entire day worrying and consumed with their predicament, I spend a few moment every morning thinking everything they can possibly think of the entire day.  Then I can get on with the other things on my daily agenda."