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Eitzos And Machshavos - Just Leave The Game Plan To Hashem

In the closing Tefila of Shmoneh Esrei we ask Hashem that all those who stand up against us and think of evil things to do to us, "Hafer Atzasam V'Kalkel Machshavtam", nullify their plans and ruin their thoughts. What is the meaning of this double language?

Maybe we can suggest as follows. Eitza is the game plan or tactics how to reach our specific goal. Machshava is the underlying goal itself. When someone plots against us, our first request is to stop his plan. Even if Hashem accepts our pleas, the person may try again using different means to carry out their evil plan. Even if they themselves do not do so, once the idea is in the air others may pick up on it. After Hashem has put a halt to the immediate danger, we then ask Hashem to ruin the whole idea behind the plan, laying this trouble to rest once and for all.

Similarly we say in Yehi Chivod, "Rabos Machshavos B'Lev Ish", a person has many needs that he requests from Hashem, and surely Hashem who loves us will give it to us. We also have a specific way that we think it will happen. However "Atzas Hashem Hi Sakum", not everything will be given to you the way you envisioned it. Hashem has His own way of doing things, but if you have Emunah and Bitachon and leave it to Him, He will deliver.

Just a thought.

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