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Rav Shmuel Hominer - Did You Say Mashlich Karcho Kefitim This Morning?

Rav Shmuel Hominer, a Yerushalmi who was niftar thirty years ago today, wrote many classic seforim on tefila, mitzvos, bitachon and other topics.  In the introduction to his sefer Olas Tamid on Tefila (See Revach Introduction: Olas Tamid By Rav Shmuel Hominer - Kindle Your Ascent) he talks about the importance of Tefila and especially Peirush HaTefila which is the topic of the sefer.

If you were writing a petition to the King, says Rav Hominer, you would go over each word carefully making sure you chose the best phrases and terminology to politely get your message across.  Why when we petition the King of all Kings do speak words that we don't even know their meaning and never bother to try to find out?

When you come to Shamayim they will ask you, "You davened thousands of Tefilos in your lifetime, tell us please what is the meaning of 'Mashlich Karcho Kefitim'.  What did you have in mind when you said, 'V'Hu Nisi U'Manos Li Minas Kosi B'YOm Ekra'?"  If you don't know the answer what will you do?  You will stand outside in shame and embarrassment.  You cannot fathom the humiliation and pain you will endure!

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