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Rav Yechezkel Abramsky Survives The Sub-Zero Weather

The Gaon Rav Yechezkel Abramsky was exiled to Siberia in 1929 by the Communists.  The cold was unbearable; at times the temperature dropped to forty degrees below zero.  Rav Yechezkel had arrived in Siberia with lightweight clothes, and had no means of obtaining warmer ones.   

In the morning the head of the camp commanded the Jews to remove their shoes and run barefoot on the ice for an hour.  This would be their everyday morning routine.  Rav Yechezkel, who had always had a weak disposition, feared for his very life.  He lifted his eyes to Shamayim and said, “Ribbono Shel Olam, You commanded us in Your holy Torah to guard our health, and protect ourselves from the cold.  Here, it’s impossible to protect ourselves, and the obligation of protection falls on You.  Please, Ribbono shel Olam protect and guard us!”

Rav Yechezkel remained healthy throughout the duration of his exile in Siberia and did not fall ill even once.     (Ukarasa Leshabbos Oneg)

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