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Rav Yechezkel Abramsky On Boaz's Very Timely Death
Once someone asked a shaalah to the Gaon R’ Yechezkel Abramsky on a monetary matter.  The Gaon answered that the matter was perfectly fine, and there was no halachic problem regarding it.  The man then asked, “But what will people say, who are not aware of the depth of the halacha, and will suspect that I acted in contrary to the din?”

The Chazon Yechezkel answered, “What will people say?  And what did the people say who followed the bier of Boaz, who died the day after he took Rus?  The scoffers of that time surely said, ‘It’s no coincidence that he died now.  It’s because he transgressed an issur of the Torah, ‘An Amoni and Maovi should not enter the congregation of Hashem.’  Boaz took a Moavite woman and he was punished immediately.’  They themselves were not aware that the halacha was a Moavite man but not a Moavite woman.  There will always be people who are ready to scoff those who act according to the Din Torah.”

“And Boaz’s death was not a punishment.  On the contrary, Shamayim arranged the events that on the very last day of his life, he would be zocheh to marry Rus, and that Dovid the king of Yisrael would stem from them, and eventually Moshiach!  (Rav Moshe Mordechai Shulzinger Peninei Rabeinnu Yechezkel)