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Shirei Mitzvos Part 7 Finale: Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz - A Song Of The Taryag Mitzvos
Readers are welcome to view/download Shabbos the last section of Shirei Mitzvos (Lo Saaseh 277-365) from Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz.  For more background see Shirei Mitzvos Introduction

See below for the English version we have created to help the reader better understand some of the more difficult parts in Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz's shir.  Please understand that in order to keep it in a poem we have taken a great deal of artistic license to go astray from the original intent.  All comments are welcome. We hope you enjoyed.

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277.  Judge fairly and do not pity the poor
278.  Do not rule against a Rasha just because his aveiros you abhor
279.  Mete out punishment to the criminals do not be softened to tears
280.  Close your ears from hearing one litigant before the other one appears

281.  An orphan and convert judge fairly don't consider what they've become
282.  Do not sentence a person with a majority of only one
283   Think independently do not rely on your fellow judge
284.  Appoint only qualified judges from this policy do not budge

285.  Falsely do not testify if at lying you are adept
286.  Testimony from a Rasha do not accept
287.  A relative's testimony is not admissible in court
288.  Do not issue judgement based on a witness without a cohort

289.  Do not murder the righteous and innocent who were not lying in wait
290.  Circumstantial evidence is not enough to determine a defendant's fate
291.  The witnesses shall seal their mouths and not advocate
292.  A murderer is not put to death until the courts adjudicate

293.  Compassion cannot be shown to someone in hot pursuit of murder or rape
294.  Do not punish a girl involved in an illicit relationship if she tried to escape
295.  Ransom do not take from an accidental murderer to exempt him from exile
296.  Kill a murderer do not accept his ransom or his cunning and guile

297.  Save and rescue, do not stand idly by the blood of your friend
298.  Build a gate on your roof so that on your premises a life does not end
299.  Do not trip up your friend with some bad advice
300.  When Bais Din gives lashes do not give more than will suffice

301.  Your voice with gossip like a snake should not travel secrets don't reveal
302.  The hatred of your brother in your heart you shall not conceal
303.  Do not whiten your friend's face when you rebuke him for his sin
304.  When you chance upon a bird nest do not take the mother with its kin

305.  Do not take revenge on the misdeed of you friend, your anger suppress
306.  Even if you repay his evil with kindness, your grudge do not express
307.  In the place of an Egla Arufa do not allow agriculture to thrive
308.  Do not allow a witch or warlock to remain alive

309.  In a Metzora do not shave the hair
310.  Do not alter the way the tzora'as does appear
311.  The first year of marriage from the army we exempt the groom
312.  Do not move from the proclamation of the sages even if it leads to doom

313.  Upon the mitzvos of Hashem, new ones do not enact
314.  Remember the laws of Moshe, from them do not detract
315.  Be wary of a judge, him you shall not curse
316.  If their is malice in your heart against the Nasi your lips you must purse

317.  Do not widen your mouth to curse another Jew, they are blessed
318.  Your parents you shall not curse even after they are laid to rest
319.  Do not hit your parents, a bruise do not inflict
320.  Rest on Shabbos, your work you must restrict

321.  Beyond the boundaries of Shabbos do not stroll about
322.  Punishments of Bais Din, on Shabbos do not carry out
323.  On the first day of Pesach work do not perform
324.  Also on the last day when the Yam Suf in half was torn

325.  Do not do any work on the day of Bikurim the day of Shavuos
326.  Or on Rosh HaShana when we blow Tekios and Teruos
327.  On Yom Kippur we do not work, like Shabbos it should be treated
328.  The first day of Succos do not work, with happiness it should be greeted

329.  Do not work on the Shmini Atzeres a special day for a special nation
330.  With your mother you cannot have a spousal relation
331.  To the woman married to your father do not come near
332.  Also to your sister with whom a father you share

333.  Your mother's daughter you cannot marry it is a sin
334.  Your cannot engage your daughter she is your own kin
335.  From your daughter's daughter keep away
336.  With your son's daughter you may not lay

337.  A man with a woman and her daughter is a forbidden group
338.  Marrying a woman and her granddaughter is too low to stoop
339.  To both a woman and her son's daughter do not attach
340.  Your father's sister and you are not an appropriate match

341.  From your mother's sister you must turn aside
342.  The wife of your father's brother can never be your bride
343.  Do not be intimate with your son's wife
344.  Do not have relations with a woman during her menstrual strife

345.  Between you and your brother's wife build a wall
346.  Relations with your wife's sister, you should appall
347.  The wife of your friend do not live and expose her shame
348.  Do not lie with an animal, male or female wild or tame

349.  Before an animal a woman must not lie
350.  A man may not come on another, he must choose to die
351.  A son may not sleep with his father whom he holds dear
352.  Do not lie with your father's brother or your punishment will be severe

353.  From all the forbidden women avoid intimacy of any kind
354.  A mamzer who wants to marry, with an ordinary woman may not bind
355.  Without a proper marriage a man and woman may not live
356.  Do not remarry your remarried former spouse after a divorce you did give

357.  Your deceased brother's Yevama may not remarry without a proper release
358.  With the woman you forced a relationship you must forever live in peace
359.  You may not divorce your wife if with slander you abuse
360.  Do not live with your wife if your reproductive organs are ruined and of no use

361.  The reproductive organs of an animal do not destroy and render it sterile
362.  Do not crown for a King a foreigner or a Ger, you will put the kingdom in peril
363.  A king may not have too many horses in his stable
364.  Nor should he have too many wives around his table

365.  He should not amass gold, silver, more than the kingdom needs to run
            These are the Mitzvos Lo Saaseh as many as the days of the sun
            You must be careful to heed each and every one
            Place you hope in Hashem and your reward will be a great sum