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When The Vilna Gaon And Dubna Magid Spent Shavuos Night Together
One Shavuos the Dubno Magid was a Yom Tov guest at the Vilna Gaon.  After the seuda they went to the Bais Medrash.  The Vilna Gaon said Tikun Leil Shavuos (consisting of the beginning and ending of each Parsha, Tanach, and Mishnayos), while the Dubna Magid opened a gemara and started learning with his enthusiastic sweet voice.  After a while the Vilna Gaon turned to him and asked him why he is not saying the Tikun?

The Dubno Magid answered with a Mashal.  Once there was a young man who sat and learned after his wedding for a number of years.  One day his father-in-law asked him to start working.  Not knowing the slightest thing about business his father-in-law suggested that he go to the marketplace and see what all the other businessmen do, and do the same.

In his trip to the market he saw all the storefront displays with samples of merchandise in them.  He too rented a store, bought some merchandise for the window and sat in the store.  After a few days his father-in-law came to his store to check up on how business was going.  His son-in-law sitting in an empty store told him that no one has bought a single item.  "Of course not" screamed his father-in-law angrily, "you only have a window display but no merchandise to sell!"

The Dubna Magid said to the Vilna Gaon, "You say a few pasukim from each parsha as window dressing for the storehouses full of Chochmas HaTorah that you possess.  I have no merchandise inside and it would be foolish for me to say the Tikun as window dressing.  I need to sit and learn a piece of gemara to acquire some merchandise." (Yisroel V'HaZmanim/Yichaveh Daas)