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Rosh Chodesh Sivan - On That Famous Rosh Chodesh Day
Our Torah is filled with dates of major events in the history of Klal Yisroel, yet the date of the biggest event ever is not mentioned.  Even more surprisingly that date is not unanimous and there is a dispute as to the exact date.

What is interesting is that in the Parsha of Matan Torah it does give one date,  "Bachodesh HaShlishi... Bayom HaZeh Ba'u Midbar Sinai", on Rosh Chodesh they arrived in Midbar Sinai (Yisro 19:1).  Why is this date so significant while the date of Kabalas HaTorah is omitted?

Rashi on the next pasuk asks why does the Torah tell us that Bnei Yisroel came to Midbar Sinai from Refidim?  He answers that in Refidim they were lax in their torah study.  When they came to Sinai they "left Refidim behind" and committed to learning torah.  Maybe the lesson here is that Kabalas HaTorah meaning knowing the whole torah is wonderful.  However you must understand that receiving the torah comes with hard work.  It comes with commitment.  You must make up your mind that the Torah is the object of your obsession.  

The turning point and the key to Kabala HaTorah was the day they left their laziness behind and fully committed to a life of torah.  That is when the battle was won.  Once that happened Kabalas HaTorah was merely a matter of time.  It could take six day, seven days, or longer, but it will happen eventually.  

Rosh Chodesh Sinai is a date we should remember.  It is the date where we decide what kind of life we will lead.  It is the date where we leave our laziness and other pursuits behind.  It is the date that will be recorded in our minds as the day we chose a life of torah.  It may take days, months, or years but eventually we will receive the torah.