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Shirei Mitzvos Part 5: Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz - A Song Of The Taryag Mitzvos
Readers are welcome to view/download Yom Chamishi of Shirei Mitzvos (Lo Saaseh 101-188) from Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz.  For more background see Shirei Mitzvos Introduction

See below for the English version we have created to help the reader better understand some of the more difficult parts in Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz's shir.  Please understand that in order to keep it in a poem we have taken a great deal of artistic license to go astray from the original intent.  All comments are welcome. Let us know what you think. 

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101.  An animal cannot be slaughtered in the same day as its kin
102.  Withhold oil from the Mincha brought for sin
103.  Leave out the incense from sinners Mincha it is not a present
104.  Also on the Mincha of a Sotah whose behavior is most unpleasant

105.  The mincha of a disgraced Sotah should not have oil
106.  Don't  exchange a Korban for another animal even a meek one for one more royal
107.  An animal do not switch from one Korban to another
108.  On the Mizbei'ach it must go, do not redeem a first born animal of its mother

109.  Do not sell at any price Ma'aser of your flock
110.  A field  of Hekdesh shall remain such do not put it up for hoc
111.  Cheirem is for the Kohen do redeem do not extricate
112.  A bird brought for a Korban Chatos do not completely decapitate

113.  Animals of Kodesh do not work, no wear and tear
114.  Even though it won't harm them their wool you may not shear
115.  Before you bring the Korban Pesach your Chametz you must dispose
116.  Bring the fat of the Korban Pesach on the Mizbei'ach don't let it decompose

117.  The Korban Pesach cannot be left until the morning, eat it all with desire
118.  For the Chagiga of Pesach you have two days, eat it don't let time expire
119.  The whole Pesach Sheini must be eaten at night don't put it in the fridge
120.  Finish the Korban Todah that night its brought or Hashem will take umbrage

121.  When eating the Korban Pesach do not break any bone
122.  Also the bones of the Pesach Sheini must be left alone
123.  When eating the Korban Pesach remain with your group stay near
124.  The edible portion of a Mincha cannot be baked Chametz, beware

125.  With water don't boil the Pesach or eat it rare
126.  A non Jewish resident can't eat from it even if Hashem he does fear
127.  Even a Jew cannot eat the Pesach without a circumcision
128.  A Jew who leaves the fold can't eat, as he treats Judaism with derision

129.  Someone who is Tamei may not eat Kodshim, his mouth is sealed
130.  Even if you are Tahor, don't eat, when tumah in the Kodshim is revealed
131.  Close your mouth don't eat expired Kodshim, it is for naught
132.  Avoid Kodshim when the Avodah was performed with an improper thought

133.  Truma cannot be eaten by anyone other than a Kohein
134.  A Kohein's Jewish slave cannot eat Truma even though he is in his domain
135.  An uncircumcised Kohen cannot eat Truma until he has his Bris
136.  Nor can he eat Truma if his purity is amiss

137.  The daughter of a Kohein cannot eat kodshim if she has an illicit relations
138.  The Korban Mincha of a Kohein is for Hashem the Kohein gets no rations
139.  A Chatos is not eaten when its blood must be sprinkled on the Mizbei'ach of gold
140.  Do not eat a Bechor when its blemish is calculated and cold

141.  Take your grain of Ma'aser Sheini to Yerushalyim don't eat it outside
142.  Also there you must drink your wine of Ma'aser Sheini there even if it is a long ride
143.  Your oil of Ma'aser Sheini belongs there as well
144.  Eat the meat of a sacrificed Bechor in Yerushalayim and not where you dwell

145.  Meat of a Korban, the courtyard of the Mikdash cannot leave
146.  An Olah goes completely to Hashem no portion does the Kohen receive
147.  The meat of a Korban do not eat until the blood has been thrown
148.  Only a Kohen eats Kodshei Kodshim even if the Korban is your own

149.  Do not eat outside Yerushalayim, Bikurim's basket of fresh fruit
150.  If Ma'aser Sheini is tamei don't eat it, its location is a point that's moot
151.  Ma'aser Sheini can't be eaten the day a close relative died
152.  Spend money of Ma'aser Sheini only on a food item, nutrition it will provide

153.  Don't eat from your produce until you given the Kohen and Levi their presents
154.  Bikurim, Truma, Ma'aser the order counts its not up to your preference
155.  Before three Yomin Tovim pass, make sure your Korban you don't delay
156.  Don't come empty handed bring an Olah and Shlamim when on Shalosh Regalim to the Bais HaMikdash you make your way

157.  The uttering of your mouth you must hold sacred your vow do not forsake
158.  A Kohen should not marry the daughter of a Kohen whose marriage was a mistake
159.  A Kohen is holy, a harlot he must not marry
160.  A Kohen cannot take a women if a divorce she does carry

161.  The Kohen Gadol may not marry a widow, he is too holy
162.  He may not live with her without getting married this is very lowly
163.  A Kohen may not enter the Mikdash if monthly his hair is not groomed
164.  His clothing must not be torn or else he is doomed

165.  A Kohen may not leave the Mikdash until his avodah is completed there
166.  To a dead body unless it is his close relative he may not come near
167.  A Kohen Gadol to even a relative may not become Tamei
168.  He may not come close to the dead in any possible way

169.  Anyone from Shevet Levi may not take a portion of the holy land
170.  The bounty captured in war may not reach a Levi's hand
171.  Do not rip out your hair in mourning for the dead
172.  Stay away from unkosher animals, find another way to stay well fed

173.  Without fins and scales you must avoid a fish
174.  Unkosher birds do not serve for a dish
175.  Do not eat bugs that fly
176.  Worms and creepy crawlers don't fill a kosher pie

177.  Don't eat bugs that from the air grow
178.  Also bugs that grow in fruit when the world they see and know
179.  Whether water, land, or air, every bug despise
180.  Even a Kosher animal is forbidden if without proper Shechita it dies

181.  A maimed animal don't eat throw it to the dog out in the cold
182.  The Gid HaNasheh is forbidden since the days of old
183.  Meat is forbidden until the animal is alive no more
184.  Blood is not to be eaten pour it on the floor

185.  Even in a Kosher animal  the fat do not eat
186.  Although permitted alone together don't cook milk and meat
187.  If you eat them together another aveira you will collect
188.  An ox sentenced to death, as food you must reject