Section:  Avodah   Category: 48 Kinyanei Torah
Kinyan 35 Eino Meigis Libo B'Talmudo - The Ba'al HaTanya Is Humbled By The Magid
The Ba'al HaTanya once asked a Magid to give him mussar.  The Magid was taken aback.  What can he say to the great Ba'al HaTanya who was great in Torah and Middos beyond reproach?  When he saw that he had no choice he told the Ba'al HaTanya as follows.  You may be the top of the generation in Torah knowledge and I am from the bottom.  However the difference between your knowledge and my knowledge is minuscule  compared to the difference between the torah that you know and the torah that there is to know (Cahim SheYesh Bahem).

The first thing a person must do is run away from kavod and honor that is  lavished on him from others.  The second thing a person must do is make a Cheshbon HaNefesh and realize how vast the torah is and how little of ones full potential he has achieved.  Even if you maximize your potential, which is virtually impossible since it means not one second of wasted time in your lifetime, you have nothing to be proud of, "Ki L'Kach Notzarta" for this you were created.  Surely,those who have wasted most of their potential have no reason to be proud.

We must realize that no matter how much we know, in truth, we know very little.  It is not enough to put on a humble face when we are in public.  We must be humble in our heart as well.  We must never be satisfied and forever yearn to learn more.  The torah is so vast.  The greatest of all men are lucky to  only scratch its surface.  Only with a hunger and passion to achieve our  true potential can we succeed B'ezrat hashem to be  koneh torah.