Section:  Avodah   Category: 48 Kinyanei Torah
Kinyan 28 Eino Machzik Tova L'Atzmo - A Gift With Strings Attached
A lot of knowledge in the wrong hands can be dangerous.  There are many ways to interpret the Torah and there are always Kulos and Chumros.  The Kotzker Rebbe explains (Mayanos HaNetzach 2:9) "Eino Machzik Tova L'Atzmo" to mean that a person shouldn't use the torah knowledge he has to live his life in the most convenient way, always finding the right Kula at the right time.  A person must learn to understand what the torah wants and conform to that, not vice versa.

The Tchebiner Rov explains this Chazal to mean that if a person knows a lot of torah he should not keep this precious gift to himself.  He must share it with others (Mishel HaAvos).  The Medrash Shmuel says it means that we should not pride ourselves in our great conquest of Torah.  It is not us, but rather the help of Hashem that enables us to learn and retain the torah.

No matter what the Pshat, the message is all the same.  The Torah is the most precious gift a human can receive.  We must understand the enormity of what we've received and do with it what the Giver wants us to do, since it is our connection to Shamayim.   If we think that it is our own, "Kochi V'Otzem (Atzmo) Yadi" and we tug to hard to pull it towards ourself, we will feel a huge pull from the other side.  Then we will watch it slip out of our grip right back to where it came from, leaving us stranded here on earth with no rope to hold on to.