Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Story
Parshas Kedoshim: The Brisker Rov Gives Conflicting Advice
"V'Lifnei Iveir Lo Sitein Michshol" (19:14).  Rashi says not to give advice that is not fit for the person you are advising.  This means that sometimes the advice you give is wrong but right for that person.  The depth of this concept can be seen from a story with the Brisker Rov.  

The head of a very respectable institution came to ask the Brisker Rov if he should hire a certain person in his institution.  The Brisker Rov told him that this person would be a wonderful choice for the position.  After being offered the position this candidate went to the Brisker Rov to ask him if he should take the job.  The Brisker Rov advised him against it.  

When word got back, the head of the institution was bewildered and went straight to ask the Brisker Rov why he changed his mind.  The Brisker Rov told him that he didn't change his mind at all.  When you asked for advice I told you what I think is best for the institution.  When he then came to ask me my opinion as well, I was obligated to tell him what I think is best for him.