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Even Nazis Sometimes Dream
Rav Ahronberg, z’tl who was an Av Beis Din in Tel Aviv, lived through the Holocaust.  He was deported to a concentration camp, and there he was inspected and sent to the “wrong” side –the line of people facing an imminent death in the gas chambers.  Suddenly, one of the German officers strode quickly to the unfortunate line of Jews, looked at each one, and pulled Rav Ahronberg out of the line.

The other German soldiers present questioned his strange behavior, and the officer told them that the previous night his father had appeared to him in a dream, and described Rav Ahronberg’ appearance, and commanded him to save him and to transfer him to the side of life.  The officer had no logical explanation for his father’s “appearance,” but was careful to fulfill his father’s command.  Rav Ahronberg survived the selection in this miraculous way, and managed to survive until liberation.    (Aleinu Leshabeach)