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Rav Avigdor Miller's 10 Steps To Greatness
Rav Avigdor Miller was one of a kind.  Maybe you can call him the forerunner of the Ba'al Tshuva movement.  How many Gedolim are able to spend an hour once a week answering questions (sometimes pointed and audacious) on hashkafa and turning each answer into a brilliantly enlightening lesson in life, satisfying and humbling the bold questioner along the way?

He was fearless because he so strongly believed, and was a Gaon who knew that Diracheha Darchei Noam and the Torah or Yiddishkeit cannot be "caught".  It has no achilles heel providing the one answering knows the Torah inside out.  He did.

Rav Miller provided a famous list of his ten steps to greatness.  The list is eye opening in that it is easily achieved if you decide to follow it.  Rav Miller always was a master at finding the things we all overlook and showing how bright they shined.  You can see by clicking here to go to Revach Lists.