Section: Moadim   Category: Pesach
Freedom On The First Day, Freedom On The Last Day
Yetzias Mitzrayim and Zman Cheiruseinu are on the first day of Pesach.  On the seventh day of Pesach our oppressors met their final fate.  Which is the real day that we were freed?  The Maharal says that the number seven represents the earthly world.  It was created in seven days and the world goes in cycles of seven, Shabbos, Shmitah, among others.  On the seventh the world is complete.  The eighth is beyond this world.  It is the world of Ruchniyos.  It is where man rises above this world.  Mila is the first mitzva a person does and we do it on the eighth day.

On the first day of Pesach we were freed from Mitzrayim to explore the world.  We learned that it is not all that we dreamed it would be.  Even as free people in the world enemies will still pursue us.  We don't understand the things that happen to us from a natural point of view.  On the seventh day the geula was complete.  We saw Hashem with our own eyes and understood everything.  We understood that there is something beyond this world, far greater than the smallness of the universe and the events that unfold in it.

On the first day we are freed in this world but on the seventh day we were freed from this world.  We are empowered to put civilization behind us and enter a barren wasteland abandoned by the civilized world and prepare to enter the real world, the world of the Torah.