Section:  Avodah   Category: 48 Kinyanei Torah
A Revach Journey - Sefiras HaOmer & The 48 Ways To Acquire Torah
Sefiras HaOmer are days that we prepare ourselves for Matan Torah.  The Mishna in Pirkei Avos says that the torah is acquired in 48 ways or qualities.  The Chidushei HaRim says that each day of Sefira we should work on one of these qualities and the 49th day is a review of all of them.

Rav Shlomo Kluger asks why by Torah does the Mishna say that there are 48 ways (Devarim) but by Kehuna it says there are 24 prerogatives (Ma'alos)?  He answers that when you are a Kohen you automatically have all 24.  If you are lacking even one then you are not a Kohen.  However with Torah, you can acquire torah with even one single "quality".  Having all 48 helps you reach a much higher level.  

A quick look at the list begs the question, many of them have no logical connection to helping a person acquire torah.  We can explain this with a mashal.  When a person eats a particular food he gets bigger and stronger.  If for example he ate chicken, can you find the pieces of the chicken attached to his bones?  No, his body processes it and from the chicken his own bones grow.  The food goes into his bloodstream and become part of him.  A person can study any worldly topic and store the knowledge in his brain.  But Torah is not  just any knowledge.  Torah is Da'as Hashem.  It is far more than an intellectual pursuit.  It has the potential to transform a person, to enter him and make him grow.  To bring Godliness to his physical form and to enable him to connect to Hashem Himself.  For this to happen is must be given as gift from Hashem.  Hashem will only give this gift if you are worthy. These 48 qualities make us worthy to have the Torah become part of us.  The more of these qualities we possess the deeper the torah can penetrate our neshama and our body, our personality and and our actions.

Like all the topics we embrace at Revach, like Shemiras HaLashon or anything else, it is not because we have reached a sufficient level to give it over to others, rather it is precisely because we have not yet achieved any level and we ourselves need to take the journey.  It is in the zechus of inviting the tzibur to join our personal quest to achieve this goal that we hope Hashem will grant all of us the Siyata Dishmaya to make this years Matan HaTorah in 50 days from now on Shavuos, a most meaningful full Kabalas HaTorah.

So during the days of Sefira, come join us on this daily journey to take a first hand look and the ways to acquire the most precious possession of them all, the only possession that was created long before the world and the only one that can help us mere mortals transcend the world.