Section: Moadim   Category: Hagadah Shel Pesach
Dayeinu: Maharal Tzintz - Har Sinai Without The Torah?
In Dayeinu we say that had Hashem brought us before Har Sinai but not given us the Torah it would have been sufficient. What would be the point?  Why are we so quick to forgo the torah and its mitzvos?

The Otzar Divrei HaMeforshim brings the Maharal Tzintz answers that the remez to 613 mitzvos is from the pasuk Torah Tziva Lanu Moshe.  Torah is b'gematria Taryag/613.  The gemara ask that torah only equals 611.  It answers that Moshe gave 611 the other two, Anochi and Lo Yihiyeh, Hashem said on Har Sinai Himself.

The Maharsha says that within the two mitzvos of Anochi and Lo Yihiyeh are included all the other 611.  Therefore if Hashem had brought us to Har Sinai and told us those two mitzvos but Moshe would not have given us the torah, it would have been sufficient.