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Just Let Me Know When You Are Done
Dr. Kook, a known doctor in Yerushalayim, told about an amazing encounter he had with the Gaon Rav Aharon Cohen, one of the Roshei Yeshivah of Chevron.  Reb Aharon once had a deep wound in his shoulder which was not healing on its own, and Dr. Kook decided he needed to operate.  However, Reb Aharon was a very weak man, virtually skin and bones, and Dr.  Kook was in a dilemma about how to operate on him. He was afraid to put him under anesthesia due to his frailty, but if he wouldn’t put him to sleep, R’ Aharon would suffer terrible pains during the operations.  Dr. Kook discussed the dilemma with R’ Aharon, and R’ Aharon immediately said.  “There’s no need to use anesthesia.  Just tell me when you begin to operate, and everything will be fine.”

Dr. Kook then accounted what occurred during the operation.  “I informed R’ Aharon when I began the operation.  After I had finished operating, R’ Aharon asked me if I had finished.  Until today I can’t believe how a person could be capable of withstanding such pain without reacting at all.  I asked him how R’ Aharon how he did it, and he said that he thought about words of Torah, and he was so immersed in his learning that he even had to ask if the operation was finished!”    (Shaal Avicha Veygadcha)