Section: Moadim   Category: Pesach
Get The Yeast Out!
The gemara in Brachos (17a) says that after Shmoneh Esrei R' Alexandri would say, "Ribono Shel Olam it is clear before you that we want to do only your wishes.  What is holding back, "Si'or SheBi'Isa" the yeast in the dough.  Rashi says this refers to the Yetzer Hara in our hearts who makes us Chametz.  

The Shach in Po'el Tzedek says that Pesach is the time we do "Tashbisu" we chase the Chametz or the Yetzer Hara out of our homes and hearts and return to Hashem.  The Peleh Yo'etz adds that Tashbisu is not a remez to the yetzer hara, rather it is the pshat!

By Matan Torah Hashem tells us "V'Hiyisem Li", you will be mine.  The Masok HaOr brings from the Otzar HaChaim that the letters of the word "Si'or" Sin, Aleph, Reish, are all found in the word Yisroel.  If you take the Si'or out of the word Yisroel, the remaining letters are Lamed and Yud or "Li" or to me.

On Pesach we chase out the spoilage from within our hearts.  Then we become Hashem's Am Segula and are ready to stand at har Sinai for the Matan Torah of Shavuos.