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Parshas Vayikra: Netziv - So Many Recipes For A Mincha Of Simple Flour And Oil?
The Korban Mincha consists of three ingredients flour, oil, and spices.  Yet we find four different kinds of Korban Mincha, Soles, Maafei Sanur, Machavas, and Marcheshes.  Each one with a different pan or different way to bake it.  Why so many variations for such a simple Korban?

The Netziv beings from the Medrash that by Mincha the Pasuk (Vayikra 2:1) says, "V'Nefesh Ki Sakriv" because the Mincha provides a Kapara for the soul or spirit.  He explains this to mean that it is a kapara for bad middos namely, depression, excessive glee, lust, and anger.  Each mincha corresponded to a specific bad midah. In the times of the Bais HaMikdash the people knew which of these Minachos were needed for each of these middos.

Furthermore says the Netziv (Tzav 6:13), each day the Kohanim brought Minchas Chavitim which included elements of all the four kinds of minachos.  The reason is because the Kohanim were responsible to ensure peaceful relations between all the members of Bnei Yisroel.  Rift and division are the result of these four bad middos.  Therefore the kohanim needed to bring a mincha each day, encompassing all four minachos.