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17 Clauses Of The Tzetil Katan - The Legacy Of Reb Elimelech Of Lizhensk
One of the legacies of the great tzaddik and one of the original leaders of all chasidim, the Rebbe R' Elimelech of Lizhensk, is his "Tzetil Katan", literally small note, the 17 point program of how to be a good Jew.  While some things are beyond our level, reading the tzetil katan opens up new vistas in the holiness Reb Elimelech expected to people to reach.  Moreover there are some very helpful things in it that can help us overcome some of the more irritating obstacles we face on a consistent basis.

The tzetil katan contains 17 clauses.  It is recommended that you read it in its entirety as Reb Elimelech himself placed great importance on reading it word for word.  It can be found in many siddurim and is worth going through at east once.  For those who want to see a list of the main points, copy and paste this link