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The Brisker Rav Mulls Over The Mishloach Manos

It was close to sunset on Purim, and someone entered the house of R’ Velvel of Brisk with shalach manos.  The Rav ran out of the house to see whether the sun had set yet.  When the Rav came back into the house, someone asked him the reason for his puzzling behavior.

The Rav explained that he did not wish to accept presents under any circumstances due to the dictum, “One who despises presents will live” which is not a light matter.  However, on Purim accepting presents stems from the din of shalach manos.  Now that Purim was almost over, he wanted to check whether the sun had set, which would cause the shalach manos to become a mere present - which he was not willing to accept.   (Chayim Sheyash Bahem)