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Rav Yehonoson Eibushitz Explains Purim's Non-Jewish Timing To The Priest

A priest once asked Rav Yohanason Eibishitz, the Rav of Prague, a question about Purim.  He said, “You Jews celebrate all your holidays at night and then the day, because for you, the day follows the night.  So why do you celebrate the feast of Purim during the night after the day?”

Rav Yohanason answered, “I wonder the same thing about you.  You celebrate all your holidays during the day and at night, because for you, the night comes after the day.  But on the holiday of the birth of your savior, you celebrate beginning the night before.  But we’re right, and you’re right.  Our Purim came to us through a non-Jew, so we celebrate like your custom.  Your holiday comes to you through a Jew, so you follow the custom of Yisrael!”   (Chayim Sheyash Bahem)