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The Chiddushei HaRim and Rav Moshe Montefiore On Jews Speaking Foreign Languages
One time when Rav Moshe Montefiore was in Warsaw he went to visit theChiddushei HaRim.  He asked him why the parents of religious childrendo not teach them to speak languages other than Yiddish?  We see thatour gedolim in Sanhedrin all spoke 70 languages and it ultimately savedKlal Yisroel in the Nes of Purim when Mordechai was able to understandthe conversation between Bigsan and Seresh.

TheChiddushei HaRim answered that on the contrary what saved Am Yisroelwas the fact that Jews did not speak other languages.  Only becauseBigsan and Seresh knew that Jews only spoke the Jewish language didthey not have a problem speaking such delicate matters, with Mordechaisitting within earshot.  We see that the Sanhedrin was the exceptionnot the rule.  (This was only incumbent on the Sanhedrin sincetestimony is only valid in first person and not through a translator.)- Yeina Shel Torah -