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Tzitz Eliezer: Mazal Tov - It's a Girl! Do We Say the Bracha of She'Hecheyanu?

The gemara says that when a baby boy is born the parents make the bracha of HaTov V'HaMeitiv. There is no early source in Halacha to make a bracha when a girl is born. One recent source is the Mishna Brura in (223:2) who reasons that the father should make a She'Hecheyanu the first time he see the baby since it is no worse than seeing you friend after 30 days and in that case you make the bracha. Also the Netziv in Meromei Sadeh compares it to purchasing new vessels where you make the bracha. He nevertheless still questions if you should make the bracha in this case since the worry that accompanies raising a daughter is not found by new vessels.

The Tzitz Eliezer (13:20) says that you should make She'Hecheyanu in accordance with the Mishna Brura. He adds that even if this bracha is a Safek and the rule is that Safek Brachos L'Hakel, nevertheless the Bach in (OC 29) says that a She'Hecheyanu can be said MiSafek because it is bracha made on happiness and if you feel happy it cannot be considered a Bracha L'Vatala.