Section: Tanach   Category: Shir Hashirim
Shir HaShirim: Only In Eretz Yisroel Are We Truly Yours

The Gemara says that if a Jew is living outside of Eretz Yisroel it is as if he worships Avoda Zara. The Alshich HaKadosh explains that when Hashem came down with the 70 Malachim which comprised his Sanhedrin to see the Tower of Bavel, he divided humanity into 70 nations each one under the rule of one Malach and each Malach in a specific country. The Bnei Yisroel did not get a malach rather we are under the direct watch of Hashem in Eretz Yisroel. If we are outside of Eretz Yisroel then we are still sustained by Hashem but through the ruling malach in that country. Therefore explains the Alshich if we are outside Eretz Yisroel it is considered as if we are worshiping that Malach.

In Galus in a foreign land Bnei Yisroel cries out to Hashem (1:7) "Shalama Eheye K'Oitya Al Edrei Chaveirecha"; "Why should we be sustained together with the flocks of the 70 malachim." Klal Yisroel pleads, "please bring us back to Eretz Yisroel where we can be under Hashem's direct rule without intervention".