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Shela HaKadosh - Aseres HaDibros In Krias Shema
The Aseres HaDibros are a foundation of Yiddishkeit.  The Ramban shows how all the 613 mitzvos are included within them.  The gemara (Brachos 12a) says that they used to be said together with Shema in davening.  This practice was stopped since the kofrim would say that only the Aseres HaDibros are true, since that is all Hashem said at Har Sinai. There are minhagim to say Aseres HaDibros everyday (privately as opposed to being a part of davening) and this practice is brought down in SHulchan Aruch.

The Shela HaKadosh brings from the Abudraham who brings from other Rishonim that the 10 dibros are hinted at in the first Parsha of Krias Shema.  He says that a person should have in mind the 10 dibros when saying Krias Shema.  For a list of the 10 dibros and where they are MiRumaz in Krias Shema click here .