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The Brisker Rov - The Magid of Plotzk Impresses The Vilna Gaon With A Small Bit Of Truth

The Magid Rav Pinchos of Plotzk wrote a peirush on Tefila called Shaar HaRachamim.  He took it to the Vilna Gaon hoping to receive his Haskama to print it.  The Gra took a look at his work and when he read the reason he wrote for saying Adon Olam in the beginning of davening, the Gra said, for this alone it is worth printing.

Many people have written explanations for why we say Adon Olam in the beginning of davening.  The Vilna Gaon who was not easily impressed was very moved by the explanation of the Magid of Plotzk, which doesn't seem on the surface any more or less interesting than other peirushim.

Someone once had the nerve to ask the Brisker Rov what the Vilna Gaon saw in this peirush that made him so excited.  The Brisker Rov answered that the Torah of the Vilna Gaon was pure unadulterated truth.  The truth impressed him and nothing else.  It made no difference if it is an earth shattering truth, or truth on a smaller scale.  In this short explanation, the Gra saw the truth, and the truth, in the eyes of the Vilna Gaon, is worthy of publication.

All his incomprehensible brillinace aside, to impress the Vilna Gaon all you needed to do was speak words of truth!