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Meoros HaShabbos - The Shabbos Meal Savior
A few years ago, I arrived to shul one morning and saw a new Sefer for sale called Meoros HaShabbos.  It looked like the perfect way for me, a struggling father, to keep the Shabbos table running in an orderly fashion.  I thought the marketer was a bit ambitious, leaving 50 copies instead of the usual 5.  I had a good laugh the next day when I came back to shul and not a single copy was left.  Apparently many fathers were willing to buy the sefer in the hopes of a more serene meal.

It's been a few years now, and every half a year, me and everyone else keep buying each new volume that comes out.  So I am sure I am speaking for many, and not just myself, when I recommend the sefer for all those with children of all ages at home.

There are two pieces for each Shabbos, one for Leil Shabbos and for Shabbos by day.  Each piece has two parts, halacha and a story.  The halacha follows a certain order which first covered the positive aspects of Shabbos like candle lighting, Kiddush, Havdala, etc.  Since then we have been making our way through the 39 Melachos.  The halachos are written clearly and easily for children of all age to both understand and enjoy.  The pieces are short enough for everyone to listen too without testing their patience, and I must admit, we have all learned a lot from them, especially since we all learned it together and can remind each other "B'shaas Maaseh".  The stories are usually entertaining and thoughtful and so is the short biographical sketch of the Gadol in the story.

When I was a kid some of my friends had something they learned at the table as a family.  The Meoros HaShabbos has taken it to a new level and is truly a valuable work.  Moreover since it follows a particular schedule it in a way is the Daf Yomi where you don't feel alone.  You are part of a larger group of Klal Yisroel, all learning the same thing...  and all enjoying the Shabbos meal that much more.